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Orchid Dynasty Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd was registered in year 2005 with the Ministry of Art, Culture and Tourism Malaysia as a qualified and license travel and Tour Company by the license number of KKKP 4370.

Having much exposures to various countries and interesting destination with lots of joys by serving our customer, Orchid Dynasty Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd as a member of The Malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA),The Malaysia Chinese Tourism Association (MCTA).

Orchid Dynasty Travel ,with a staff count of 20 full time operation staff who are a team of Licensed Tourist Guide ready to serve our customer for travel and tours together with our well equipped buses.

We operate in a strategic location which is specially designed to provide our customer with faster, efficient and wider range of services. Our staffs are professional, highly motivated and service orientated. From the Reception Personnel, Operation Department, Sales and Marketing team, to the front line such as the tourists guides and drivers are all committed to ensure that our customer will have the most enjoyable and memorable holidays.


二十一世纪是科技资讯发展最迅建的年代,但是旅游业也是各国注意发展之一。所以在2005年11月18日在马来西亚柔佛州昔加末成立豪吉旅游有限公司 (ORCHID DYNASTY TRAVEL & TOUR SDN BHD) 。

本公司工作人员多达20位以上,工作人员如 : 本公司行政人员、策划人员,专业导游和司机等。本公司工作人员都是专业性和拥有良好态度来服务我们的游客,只要顾客要求的条件和意见,我们豪吉旅游都会尽量配合。

豪吉旅游成立以来,拥有 10部冷气旅游巴士。

  • 5部-40个座位豪华冷气巴士
  • 5部-28个座位豪华冷气巴士